Paterson Art Factory - Dolphin Gallery

May 25 – August 25, 2013


Some artists express industrialism through their choice of subject matter: factories, machines, gears, tools, workers, assembly lines, etc.  Other artists explore industrialism through their choice of materials: iron, glass, concrete, coal, tar, repurposed machine parts, factory fittings, rusty steel, etc.  Still other artists delve into industrialism through what could best be described as an industrial aesthetic: dark, gritty, grainy, black + white, raw, stark, steam punk, etc.  Combining any or all three of the approaches above further solidifies a piece of art into the realm of industrialism.

The artists selected for this exhibition represent a diverse range of artistic disciplines (painters, sculptors, photographers, furniture designers, installation artists) and career levels, from the art student to the fully established professional artist.   They are:

Abby Levine, Alex Losett, Anker West, Anonda Bell, Ben Pranger, Boris Petropavlovsky, Brian McCormack, Caitlin McCormack, Carl, Cindy Tower, Conrad Levenson, Copie, Craig Radhuber, Dan George, Danielle Scott, Diane Savona, Franc Palaia, Gergely Szatmari, Gianluca Bianchino, Haylee Anne, Ian Costello, Joan Sonnenfeld, Josh Knoblick, Kevin Merkel, Les Ayre, Lisa Conrad, Lynda D'Amico, Maciej Markowicz, Marcy Rosewater, Maria Mijares, Marisa Dipaola, Mark Gibian, Matto, Olivié Ponce, Peter Aldrich, Peter Whitney, Phil Bhuhler, Robert Lach, roycrosse, Spencer Frohwirth, Will Ellis


Matthew Gosser, Curator