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 [Losett]2  Art Collective

reconsiders Trump phenomenon 


Sculptural reliefs with a sharp political message and titles such as 10.5 Trump Commandments, Trumpworks – a Joint Venture between FBI and FSB, and Danger! Leaks by [Losett]2  will début in the upcoming New York Affordable Art Fair, March 29-31, 2017.

For a number of years [Losett]2  (Losett Squared) Art Collective investigated the most ubiquitous of city vistas—sidewalks—in their reliefs called Urban Panels. The reliefs reconsidered the sidewalk panel as a concise, meaning-laden urban sign, and for a time explored it from purely formal and conceptual angles.

But with D.J. Trump’s ascent to power the Urban Panels turned sharply political. The president’s authoritarian preoccupations struck a nerve with the artists —from his excessive involvement of family members in matters of state to his borrowing of the expression “enemy of the people” from Joseph Stalin, who executed Alex’s grandfather and millions of country’s citizens under the pretext of this exact term.

For Alex and Sam, the current political atmosphere evokes the fragility of the social fabric of democracy. Understanding laughter as both an antidote to authoritarianism and a crucial indicator of freedom, the duo turned to political satire in their art work.

[Losett]2’s new cast concrete reliefs feature freehand drawing and scribbling on wet concrete, spray painting, and writing with chalk, as they subvert historic manhole cover designs from New York and Washington DC to deliver political commentary that is both prescient and humorous.

The duo will soon expand the current portfolio of five political Panels with the many new images: White House Access Panel, D.C. Frustration Vent, Do Not Dump Trump – Keep My Water Clear, Alt. Drain, High Pressure Reverse Valve, Alternative Fact, D.C. Maze, Political Fertilization, NYC-DC Graft, and Trump Forever – all based on historic manhole covers of the District of Columbia and New York City.

By setting political jokes circa 2017 in concrete and metal--the most enduring art materials-- [Losett]2  up the ante on the prescient political flimsy. Only time will tell if the artworks’ message is read as funny, bitter, or even tragic.

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Alex Losett @ [Losett]2  Art Collective ph.: 215.310.0202

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Original reliefs @ Affordable Art Fair in NYC, March 29-31, 2017., booth 2.18 (2nd floor)


Alex Losett