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Artist Alex Losett exhibiting paintings from “American Landscape Series” & invites you to take a glimpse into a new body of work “Objects, Traces & Shadows” @ Art Walk 2013 May 25-26

Paterson Art Factory, 70 Spruce St, Great Falls, Paterson, NJ 

The exhibition juxtaposes landscape paintings and painted reliefs featuring manmade objects and is sponsored by Paterson Art Council as part of Art Walk 2013. It will be on display in the Art Factory’s Vault Gallery: a dramatic setting with tall brick walls framing the side of a mountain.


Take a stroll through Paterson's Great Falls National Historic Park during Memorial Day weekend and you will see Alex Losett’s American Landscape paintings in a space perfectly suited to them. Four of the paintings depict rock outcrops that resonate with the sheer rock wall forming one side of the gallery. The water and trees featured in the remaining paintings bring elements of movement and life into the space. The brick texture and weathered wood of the Vault Gallery are from the same paradigm as these landscapes, which focus on natural erosion, wear, and weathering.

Losett's Minimal Landscapes were inspired by nature in the Northeastern United States. The artist snapped more than 5,000 photos of woods, lakes, and streams in the region; the best images were modified digitally and became references for the paintings.  Losett then reconstructed the experience of being in a space and moment, extracting a painterly image from the photo reference. The paintings are not meant to render specific places—rather, they refer to human experiences in nature. 

Additionally, the exhibit will feature a preview of Losett’s upcoming Urban Panels series. This preview features four mixed media reliefs created with paper, sand, gesso and everyday objects and painted over in oil. Still a work in progress, this series will focus on mundane urban objects beneath our feet, such as manhole covers and slate and concrete pavers.

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