"Time Scales" and "Earth and Water" at the Crary 

/uploads/pages/Crary_art_Gallery_Time_Scales_jan2015_postcard.jpg Bursting into the new year with two major shows this month, Crary Art Gallery directors are excited to present painted works by Anne Labovitz, an artist from St. Paul, MN, in a solo show titled "Earth and Water", and paintings by Alex Losett, an artist living in Philadelphia, in a solo show titled "Time Scales".

Both women are experienced professional artists who have shown their work to audiences around the world. They will be in Warren for the opening receptions on Saturday, January 10, from 6 to 8 p.m. Starting at 7 p.m. the artists will each talk about their art. Their shows will continue at the gallery until Saturday, January 31.

Both artists often work with a variety of materials other than paint. Ms. Labovitz makes art also in drawing, printmaking, and experimental film and sound. Her works on view at the Crary are all acrylic paintings, however. They, as do the works in Ms. Losett's exhibition, find their source in landscape.

Though she is now an urbanite living in the capitol city of St. Paul, Labovitz's works here follow from her experiences of growing up on the north shore of Lake Superior, where water, horizon and nature predominate. She uses leaves and sprigs as paintbrushes to make patterned, intensely colored images that resemble a tapestry made of the land itself. In another series, her lake paintings, a recurring, wavering horizontal line alludes to the vastness of the horizon, water below sky, and its delicate stability and changeability.

Besides making art, Ms. Labovitz has a deep commitment to furthering understanding of art through education. During her stay, she plans to conduct a workshop with art students from the Warren County high schools. The workshop will focus on creating expressive portraits, which is another great interest of hers that flows into the paintings and drawings she calls her Conversations series.

Her art can be found on her website, www.labovitz.com, as well as in public collections like the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Weisman Museum, and the International Gallery of Portrait in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She studied at Hamline University and serves on the boards at the two most prominent museums in Minnesota, the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. In 2015, a show of hers will tour sister-cities of Duluth, Minnesota, in six countries around the world.

Alex Losett was born in the former USSR, where she first studied art, learning all the basics with academic rigor. Raised in St. Petersburg, she was accepted into the prestigious Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture where she studied for six years, graduating summa cum laude with a master's degree in painting. She eventually made her way out of an oppressive Soviet system, but one where she was a very well regarded artist and professor, only to begin all over again as a student in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – and in a foreign language. This move was done mostly with the intent of being able to stay on this continent and away from the crumbling Soviet system.

Since then she has carved out a strong career in her newest adopted country, the United States, where she has earned further merit as an international award-winning illustrator, with Philadelphia as her new home.The body of work she will show at the Crary is but part of a larger context of paintings and installation pieces she calls Minimal Landscapes because they are like little bits of nature, carved out and presented to us for our contemplation.

She states, "The images investigate moments of unmediated wonder: wading in a creek and being mesmerized by the interplay of light and reflection... luxuriating in the touch of moss underfoot and marveling at the soft forest shadows..." Ms. Losett's website holds much more information and many more images: www.losett.com

The work of these two artists, seen together, will provide a very interesting contrast in the ways an artist might approach the landscape.

The exhibition's coordinator and a landscape painter himself, Thomas Paquette was interested in these two artists' work immediately. "I am very excited about the dialogue that happens between the work of these two very different artists, both highly developed, who are basically looking at the same sorts of things, but have their own eyes, so to speak. We are very fortunate to have their work on view here."

The public is welcome to attend the opening reception on January 10, and to see for themselves the exhibitions throughout the month. Admission is always free and the gallery is open Thursdays noon-6pm, Fridays noon-8pm, Saturdays noon 6pm, and Sundays noon-4pm.


For further information, please contact:Thomas Paquette – art@thomaspaquette.com / 814-726-2266