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Parallax - the next exhibition at the Gray Gallery

In October 2014 the Gray Gallery will open its doors for the second exhibition of the inaugural year, Parallax. The artists in this two-person exhibition are Alex Losett and  Gary Reed.

Alex Losett is currently working on the Urban Panels series – a meditation on American cities – that consider the most mundane and ubiquitous urban artifacts—sidewalks—as chronicles of humanity. The Urban Panels are conceptual art objects positioned at the intersection of painting, collage, and sculpture.  The panels are very textural and derive their impact from a complex process of multiple layers of paint application over specially prepared surfaces.  The Panels have little to no imaginary space, no up or down, no right or left.  The images are designed to be shown without frames, with their edges exposed, and with the contours understood as integral to the image itself. These creations can be shown as floor or as wall pieces or freely arranged in large modular panneaux.

Gary Reed embraces the use of cutting edge technology in photography and utilizes a variety of cameras, equipment, software and computers to create works that exemplify his personal experience and perspective of the urban landscape of Philadelphia. Reed is interested in a range of subject matter, from still life to portraits to landscapes. In this exhibition, Reed will share striking photographs from The Lost Centennial Project. He has equally mastered his passions for technology and art into a unique vision of Philadelphia.

The black and white digital photographs and tromp l’oeil paintings in this exhibition capture the essence of the urban environment under our feet, in front of our eyes and in the sky. From the crumbling architecture and rusted manhole covers, this exhibition challenges the viewer to reassess the paths they take through Philadelphia on a daily basis.

The exhibition will be open from October 26 through November 22 at the Gray Gallery, 222 West Harvey Street Philadelphia, PA 19144.  The opening reception is set for Sunday, October 26th from 4 to 6 pm. Canapés and beverages will be served. Gallery hours are by appointment only.